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Monday, November 8, 2010


This is my younger brother Mike and his girlfriend Marlene.  He will probably yell at me for not showcasing him alone but, you know, Marlene is his everything so why not put her in the picture.  I promise I won't talk about her.

Mike lives in Orlando with his three boys, Drew, Adam and Erik.  He is an accountant - our numbers man.  Mike and I are a lot alike (I think).  He is very calm, level headed, thinks things through, weighs pro and cons before making decisions.  He is always fair and doesn't hesitate to confront situations.  If any major family concerns arise, we usually consult Mike because he makes good, rational decisions.

He is a good father and a great provider and mentor for the boys.  He likes fine things - has great taste in clothing, food, wine and cigars (oh I guess in women too - like that Marlene!).  He always makes guests feel welcomed in his home, always opening his door to anyone who wants to visit.  He knows how to show people a good time.  He likes to do fun things.  One of his favorite hobbies is fly fishing.  He comes up to Muskegon several times a year to do just that.  There's nothing better for him then spending time on the river! And he makes a conscious effort to visit "Granny" several times a year.

I turn to Mike for his opinions on things often.  Though far away, I feel very close to him.  He's a great guy with great boys.  We visit him in Orlando at least once a year and really look forward to it.  Can't wait to get there this winter.  He gives me free rein of his house - organizing the pantry and kitchen cupboards, cooking, cleaning, re-arranging things.....I guess he trusts my taste.  He has great suggestions for good restuarants too.

Next, we'll talk about the boys. You'll meet Toby the dog, as well as learn a little bit about Marlene and her darling daughters.

It's absolutely gorgeous here for Nov. 8th.  At one time, the outside temp was 64 degrees.  The hubby is on his Harley as I write.  Can't ask for better weather.

TTFN - Babs


  1. Oh my, Mike sounds like the best one of the entire family! You failed to mention how handsome he is too! I bet your Mother likes him best of all!

  2. Geez Barbie...out of all the pictures from the party, could you not have picked a better picture of ME?!? It's not all about Mike you know! ;-)
    Love ya-Marlene