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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Adam is my brother Mike's second child - the middle child.   Adam is 23 I believe - the ages get away from me.  He graduated last December from Florida State University.  He has a degree in business.  He is currently living in Orlando.

Adam has the greatest smile and is so very personable.  He has a good heart!  Where there's a party - Adam is there!  He is one of those that people gravitate towards....!  He is working at Office Max in Orlando - recently broke off a long-term relationship and adjusting to the "real life" of working and everyday life.

I love Adam.  He likes to "get my goat" - example - his last day of high school - I was at his house in Orlando and he walked in the door from school - opened the refrigerator and popped a beer!  What!??!  He loved my reaction.  Also he will never forget the day I slapped his hand when he was eating the chocolate chip cookie dough right out of the bowl.  He thought I was being mean.

If you met Adam - you would instantly like him!  He thinks my mother (Grandma) is the coolest Gramma ever because she threw a real hand grenade when she was in the service.  His grandma rocks! 

It's overcast and raining here.  Just one of those "stay in the house all day" days.
TTFN - Babs

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