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Monday, January 7, 2013

And so......

So sorry my followers that I have been absent.  I have not been feeling well at all since right after Christmas.  Last week was a lost week.  I turned the corner this past weekend and am feeling so much more like myself.

Since I lost a bit of time, not too many new developments here.

I did get out of the house today, which is a first in pretty much over a week.  I took a trip over to Grand Rapids.  I had not been in the Woodland Mall for quite some time.  I wandered and it really is nice there.  They've really changed storefronts and added a lot of new stores.  There is actually is a Pottery Barn there.  I wandered through the store and oh what a lot of nice things to look at and dream about.  Took a stroll through Williams Sonoma.  You know I saw on Pinterest a recipe for the smell in Williams Sonoma.  You simmer on your store a combination of  rosemary sprigs, lemon slices and vanilla in a small pot of water.  I think I will give that a try.  It always smells so delicious in that store.

Well, you know my post from the first of the year when I spoke of being simple.  Living a simple life style, etc.  I blew it today!  Just a little! Please don't think I was just blowing smoke!  I splurged with some Christmas money and bought myself a new pair of quality sunglasses.  I really did need some.  The pair I had been wearing were dollar store glasses and I lost them so I think that was a sign.

Remember my Christmas Wish List.  My wonderful mother gave me some Christmas money to buy something on my list plus I had some stash tucked away.  Thus, The Classic Wayfarers by RayBan.  So stylish, so chic.  I wore them on the drive home and man what a difference from that of my cheapsters.

The weather is mild here.  The extended forecast says 50 by the end of the week.  Remember, this is Michigan and this is January.  Go figure?  We have very little snow on the ground.  In fact, we see mostly grass when we look outside.  Weird weather.

Happy I'm back into the swing of things!  Keep yourselves healthy....there's lots of flu going around.


  1. The glasses are fabulous darling! I have the new version of the wayfarer as they sat better on my nose. A week after I bought them my daughter found a pair on the road, so now I have one pair here and one in Florida. I love them and hope to keep them for years. Glad you are feeling better.

  2. I like your smart new glasses. The next time I go to the eye doctor I want prescription sunglasses and regular glasses. I’ve had transitions for years and eventually they get boring. Be very careful with the stove method for making your house smell like Williams Sonoma. I added “see burned pot” to my pin. Definitely not a good smell in winter with the house all closed up to say nothing of ruining a perfectly good pan. Glad you were well enough to go to the mall and find all the new stores. This past week was so messed up. I thought Tuesday was Sunday and it was downhill from there. You didn’t miss a thing even if we missed you.

  3. You are stylin' my friend . . . guess I need to hang around with you more often . . . You're going to need those RayBan's in the next few days. Sun in Michigan in January is a rare happening indeed!