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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back Home

I'm back from a great weekend spent in Chicago with my sister Maggie.  We stayed in Bedford Park with my niece and her husband.  I refer to their street as Wisteria Lane - it's such a cute neighborhood.

Ate lots of good food.  We had El Pollo Loco on Friday for lunch.  My first time there.  It's pretty tasty.
El Pollo Loco, pronounced “L Po-yo Lo-co” and Spanish for “The Crazy Chicken,” is the nation’s leading quick-service restaurant chain specializing in flame-grilled chicken. Founded in Guasave, Mexico in 1975, El Pollo Loco’s long-term success stems from the unique preparation of its award-winning “pollo”-- fresh chicken marinated in a special recipe of herbs, spices and citrus juices passed down from the founding family. The marinated chicken is then flame-grilled, hand cut and served hot off the grill with warm tortillas and a wide assortment of side dishes.

Rounding out the menu are fresh flavorful entrées inspired by the kitchens of Mexico, including Signature Grilled Burritos, Pollo Bowls, Pollo Salads, Tacos al Carbon and Quesadillas. And of course, there is the fresh salsa bar featuring our famous House Salsa, alongside our Avocado, Chipotle and Pico de Gallo salsas. All are made fresh daily.

Friday evening we went to Zacataco's.  Authentic mexican food - fabulous.

Saturday - Geppetto's - the baked Italian Sphaghetti is so good.

To round it all out, we went to the Shop and Save and got polish goods to bring home - fresh polish sausage, and potato/cheese homemade perogi's.  Oh, I got some Dill Pickle soup too - yum.

It was cold and windy in Chicago yesterday.  Very "bite-y" cold.

Back to the routine at home and just chain restaurants around here - so un-fun.
Have a good week.
TTFN - Babs

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