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Friday, April 29, 2011

Gorgeous Times Two!

Both are absolutely stunning.
Pippa makes a statement of her own!
What a lovely affair!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Going to the Chapel..........

Well more like, going to the Abbey and we're going to get married!
I'll be tuned in all day watching!  I can't wait!  I love weddings!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm not over it!

If you recall my post from earlier in the month, I talked about "Glamping" as in Glamour Camping!

I found this sweet thing on one of my blogs:

This one was from down south .....I know they are out there.  I was perusing Ebay and Craigslist.  I'm on the hunt.  If you see a cute canned ham like this puppy or something from the early 60's or 70's, PLEASE give me a shout!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Plantings

The weather just does not want to cooperate.  We have gotten so much rain and the temperatures just can't get much beyond 50'ish.

Thus, I must turn the inside into a greenhouse.  I can't wait any longer.  We started some of our dahlia's already.
These are doing nicely.
And today, I am going to plant some seeds in peat pots and get the greenhouse effect going for them.
I love zinnia's, especially the green ones.  I should have some nice cutting flowers in my green thumb works.  I'll keep you posted. Promise!
Oh, I forgot my camera on Easter, but did take a picture of Mom's Easter Lamb cake on my phone.  Only problem is I have no idea how to get the picture from my phone to my computer.  I tried emailing but that failed.  Any ideas out there?  Help!


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday sweet Sarah!
Sarah in the foreground!
From your favorite Aunt!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Treasure

In the back of my head, I had remembered a cookie cutter of a rabbit that belongs to my Mother.  I called her and asked if she still had the bunny cookie cutter.  She said, "oh yes, it belonged to my mother."  She promised to look for it her next trip downstairs.  Sure enough, she called me and said she found it.  The rabbit and a duck.

I have always wanted to try my hand at making sugar cookies with that glossy, smooth frosting.  Pretty ones like you see in the bakeries.  I found a recipe and instructions on line and decided to go for it.

Here are the wonderful cookie cutters.  Aren't they sweet?

And my feeble attempt at the cookies
I have a long way to go on those to perfect.  It's all in the consistency of the royal icing and the coloring.
At least I tried!
Have a blessed Easter weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

So cute and So easy!

I had a crafty afternoon yesterday.  I made these cute little peat pots, thanks to French Larkspur.  I had seen them quite a while ago on her blog.

They are adorable for little bits of flowers to just sit here and there.
I made a variation:
 Hurry up spring flowers so I can fill these up!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Score and By the Way!

Anonymous said...
Geez....I guess it's the least I can do for you after all your decorating help at my townhouse. Mike and I will go Saturday. :)
Thanks Mike and are the greatest.
Looks like I will be able to secure the IKEA pots after all!..  Whoo, Whoo.

On another note, you will notice my blog is a little different color/style.  While showing Lynne my blog at Starbucks yesterday and messing with the set-up (a little), I changed the background.  Hope you all don't mind.  Actually I think it's clearer to read.

Have a good day everyone.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I saw this today while reading my latest issue of Country Living magazine. I went onto IKEA's website only to learn that this is not available online. Damn! it would be so cute to hang outside on the deck.

Anyone live close to IKEA?  Maybe a road trip is in store for a $4.99 hanging pot?
Come home to Mama, please!
Off for coffee at Starbucks with my sweet friend Lynne!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Baby Shower

The shower was hosted by Jessie, Jackie's sister.
Notice the cute little onesies hanging on a clothesline and mounted on the twig wreath in the background.
We were treated to pretty flowers:
Good food:
Lots of friends, family and gifts:
There were a lot of pregnant ladies
Sweet cousin love
Leah, Jackie, Jessie
Mother, Sisters, Daughters
Left to right: Grandma, Leah, Maggie, Jackie Ginny, Me in back, Jessie on floor
Joslyn's Mommy and Daddy
Joffrey and Jackie
Thank you Jessie for hosting a nice shower.    Hurry up Joslyn, I can't wait to meet you!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Treasures Revealed

Today is Jackie's baby shower.  I am now able to show all of you what I've been working on for Baby Joslyn.

Baby Blocks:
An extra special thanks to my friend, Dawn, for holding my hand step-by-step on these.

Wipe Cloths:
 Diaper Covers and Onesies:

And the Sweater:
What fun it was to make these for my dear sweet, great niece Joslyn.  I can't wait to meet her!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cake Pops

My niece Jessie is hosting a baby shower for her sister Jackie tomorrow.  I was asked to make cake pops.
Jackie remarked a do not do enough tutorials on my blog, therefore, I needed to take a lot of pictures.  Well, I kind of forgot along the way but I will do the best I can to catalog this process.
I made strawberry, carrot cake, and funfetti cake.  You simply bake the cake as directed on the box and cool completely.  Then you crumb the cake with a pastry blender or with your hands.  Basically you want a bowl of crumbs.
Then you add frosting to the crumbs to make them stick together.  Use an ice cream scoop to make balls and then freeze.
We really are having fun, though it looks like Maggie is bored!
Once they are frozen or chilled well,  you add a stick to them and then they are dipped in Candy Melts.

They look like meatballs but these are carrot cake pops.
melt, dip, tap off drips, melt, dip, tap off drips!!!! Repeat for a few hours.
Measuring out the holes to place the cake pops.  We were going to use the basket in the foreground but the styrofoam was not strong enough to hold them upright.
Even my Richie got involved.
And viola,  here is the final product!  What do you think?
Leah LOVED dipping ..... she did most of them!  Thanks sweetie!
Yum, yum....can't wait to taste.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Birds Would Love Your Help!

I saw this neat idea on another blog and thought I would pass it along.  I've been throwing bits of string, yarn, and thread out but I like this even better.

Let's help the birds make their nests.  All you need to do is take a suet feeder or mesh bag (onions come in them) and fill it with string, yarn, natural materials,( i..e., dried grasses, hay, twigs, etc.), feathers, fur from other animals, fabric, (small pieces) and whatever else birds can use to make their nests.

Fill the feeder or bag and hang it near your birdfeeders.  The birds will see it there and pick out what they like.
It will be interesting to see what they use.  Take notes for next year.

Send me pictures of your bird nesting materials and let me know how it goes.  Thanks for helping out our feathered friends.

Enjoy our nice days.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Record Was Broken

Yesterday.  It topped 78 degrees here.  Holy smokes!  It was windy but gorgeous.  Felt really good.
The hubby's brother and sister-in-law called us for the favorite summer treat.
Of course, we couldn't turn an offer like that down.
Now it's back to reality.  Only 52 today.
Oh well, I enjoyed it!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring has sprung!

It was 60 degrees yesterday.  I un-covered lots of the perenials yesterday, sprayed some round up on those darn weeds that are popping already.  I sat outside on the deck for a long time and did some sewing, reading, and just plain enjoyment.  The birds were singing their song to me.  I don't know who was happier, me or the birds.

Today it's suppose to hit 70 but I don't know.  The sun is trying to stay out but severe weather is predicted so we shall see.  Anyway, I have a few windows cracked open and I'm headed outside to enjoy it while I can.
At long last!
Enjoy your day.!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Fun Day

Richard and I hit up a few estate sales yesterday.  Here are a few of my finds:
These little cups will function wonderfully for summer flowers from the garden.  50cents each.  Not bad.

Really digging the chippy Baby Ben.  Isn't he adorable?  Also to the right is a rosary.  I actually got four of those but not all pictured.
I couldn't resist the wooden blocks.  J?B  Joslyn (no middle name yet, thus the ? mark) Bywater.
I had to get the S for Spenner. I think they are so cute.

We also got the deck furniture out yesterday.  YAY!!!!!.  It's suppose to be 78 degrees here on Sunday.
We'll have to feel it to believe it though.  We're ready though just in case it happens.

Off to bread fish for the fish fry tonight at Catholic Central.

Have a good day and a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gathering with Friends

Three of us routinely take turns having dinner at our homes.  We used to go out to dinner, but it was so difficult to visit.  Competing noise, constant interruptions by the waitress....can I get you anything else asked a million times.  Just leave us alone and let us visit.  Thus, we changed to our homes and in the summer, we may end up down at the beach.  It's nice!

Last night I hosted the gals.
Tried to make the table look spring like.
First up:  Cosmopolitans!  Yes!

Appetizer:   Garlic Feta Dip with Wheat Crackers

Main Course:  Salad de Maison

                        Dutch Oven Bread with Butter

Dessert:  Mississippi Mud Pie - sorry can't bring up picture but I can share its an oreo cookie crust, coffee ice cream filling drizzled with hot fudge sauce and toasted pecans sprinkled on top.  Sinfully delicious.

Our conversation was lively.....from when was the last time we had "fun" with our spouse, to having fun independently, life insurance, our burial plans, our winter vacation next year, and having a bottle of  wine at the beach this summer and more.  It was great.  It was relaxing.

My friends are a blessing to me!

Monday, April 4, 2011


glamping.  n
a form of camping in which participants enjoy physical comforts associated with more luxurious types of holidays.
So, my thought is simple.  Find a vintage "canned ham" and re-do it.....all shabby and white and chippy.  Canvas estate sales, the backroads, etc., and find lots of old shabby camping items, tables, chairs, etc. recover.....add a chandelier in the camper, lots of down comforters on the bed.

Add a few little sterling candlesticks, some jars and votives and find the perfect little camping site along a
river bend.

I could dig it!  Richard is another story.  Anyone in?