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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The End/The Beginning

2013 has come to a close. Me and my dear one celebrate quietly. Lovely. Sweet. Intimate.

No noisemakers, loud music, intoxicated people stumbling around and strangers kissing on each other at midnight! We're all tucked in and snuggly safe at home!

2013 was a good year for us. So many blogs are posting their top 10 posts and their year in review. I will not bore you withh all that. What I can say is that we had a wonderful year, filled with a few great camping experiences, a few family weddings, announcement of a new baby due in the family, celebration of another birthday for my mother, good tomes with friends and many unexpected blessings!

Looking ahead to the new year, we hope to expand our horizons a bit more with travel, continued good health, some fun camping, a few trips to FL, our new niece in April and who knows what else.

Thank you to all my followers for staying with me throught the year. I appreciate your comments and your friendship. I wish you all a happy, healthy and rewarding new year. Be well!


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Holiday Complete

Took a random road trip today to see my favorite little girly! Little Miss Jojo and her mommy and daddy.

Had to check out baby #2 also!

Aunt Barbie's one happy gal!


Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Five

One. I am thankful for having a great Christmas celebration with family and friends. No stress, easy, and good times, good food, good wine!

Two. Time to get the needles a clickin'. Baby due in April..not that far away.

Three. My baking of the Polish Nut roll was a hit. It is worth repeating.



Four. Every day this week is feeling like Saturday. My days are all messed up. It will be the same next week with the holiday in the middle of the week.

Five. The tree is down, all the Christmas decorations put away. Cleaned the refrigerator today. Next moving into the pantry cupboard and laundry (aka junk room) this weekend. De-trashing from the past month. Back to normal...the way I like it. Everything neat and tidy!

If you are traveling, please be safe! Hope your weekend is one filled with some relaxation!



Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Now a Memory


Mom's best gift ever..her Dad's rocker finally repaired.
Ice mold in window
Mag and Cooper
We never forget our Florida family
Maggie and her kids minus Tucker.
And we had snow
Fr. Phil after mass Christmas Eve

Wishing everyone fond memories .....just an tree is down and totally de-Christmas'd.

Snow photo courtesy of


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

May the next few days be filled with love of family and friends!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Snow and Ice



We had ice and ice and snow! The trees are weighted with both. These are trees and bushes on our property. I'm thinking its going to be a white Christmas.



Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Tradition.

My father died seven years ago. He was an old school Polish Catholic. He had traditions. Quite a few actually. One being every Christmas Eve we would gather as a family and share a traditional Polish meal together. Simple meal....perogies, polish sausage, shadonna kapusta (mashed potatoes with sauerkraut and bacon). Period.

My mother would slave for hours making these perogis by hand, by herself. Meaning she prepared the dough, cut out the dough, filled them, sealed them, then they are boiled and fried in butter. So much work.

I don't think any of us kids realized how much my mother did for us until recently. After dad died and us girls started making these, we quickly realized they are so damn much work! How did Mother ever do it? So we announced one year that we were not going to do this any longer. Too much work! Well, let me tell you, the kids would not hear of it. They responded by saying, "we HAVE to have perogi....we've always had perogi" and that was all there was too it.

Thus, I spoke up and responded by stating, if you want them, everyone must pitch in.

So, this morning, we gathered at my house. Traditional Saturday morning coffee with donuts...added a few Mimosas and some Bailey's for the coffee...heck it's Christmas.

My mom who started all of this!
My sister, niece and nephew.
My brother Phil mixing up the dough.
Maggie, rolling out and cutting the dough.


Mom doing a demo.


Leah and Lenny getting the hang of it.


Looking great!


The Chief and her Indians!

I believe we made close to fifty or so. Everyone will be delighted on Christmas Eve as we gather together once again as family and carry on the family tradition. My Dad is smiling on us! Mother, you were amazing all those years for doing this for us!

This was truly the spirit of Christmas this morning.


This is my brother mixing the dough, sorry!


Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Five

One. Freezing Rain out there. Every school within a 50 mile radius closed. Kids disappointed or happy? Today was to be their Christmas party. No school perhaps surpassed their disappointment.

Two. Adorable Christmas present delivered yesterday. Thank you, Jack Kennedy. Wonderful for the Glamper!

Three. Whoot, whoot. My husband hit $410 jackpot in Keno yesterday. Best part, he shared with me!

Four. My nephew, Lenny, arrived home from Eugene, Oregon. So wonderful to be with him. We haven't seen him in three years.

Five. Shopping done, most of baking done, just a few last to do's on the list..they can't be done until Christmas...dinner prep etc. Thankful for my calmness and patience this year!

Be careful out there...people are stressed, hurried, and last minute! Take a breather yourself and enjoy a glass of wine around the Christmas tree with Christmas music on!

Babs ~


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Baking Frenzy and Parties!


Oatmeal, pretzels, carmel, cashews, milk chocolate


cranberry orange shortbread


Yes, i really did these myself


Jacob turns 19


Cocktails and snacks with lynne and Jack


Betty and I at retiree party

Fun tomes, good people, great family! BLESSED!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Friday Five

Already? Seems like I just did last weeks.

One. I attended a Christmas luncheon for the retirees from Mercy Hospital. I was the second to the youngest person there. What a good turnout of past coworkers. Nice people, good to see everyone! I believe there were 58 of us. It was just a word of mouth gathering.

Two. I've really enjoyed being home this week and focusing on holiday baking. I've so much patience these days. Not sure where that comes from...never used to be.

Three. I finished a neck warmer for a friend's dog. Tried it on Cooper and it was actually went around Simon. Back to the drawing board!

Four. My husband and I usually don't exchange Christmas gifts with one another. We never know what to get one another. This year I've actually got him some things and I think he will like them! Yay!

Five. The rest of my furniture arrived this week. I'm really happy with it. I really like my couch and pillows.



Have a great weekend.