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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Yesterday was a gorgeous day. The temperature rose to nearly 60 degrees and the sun was shining. A perfect afternoon for a walk. So off to my favorite place - Hoffmaster State park. The camping area is closed but I park outside the gates and walk in.


I was sitting on a bench in my favorite, peaceful spot and a friendly doggie came running up to me. He had been out for a swim in Lake Michigan. He was so happy. His name...Chew. I ended up walking with his owner, Marcia for the remainder of my walk. Nice lady, nice walk, wonderful day.

Rain and wind today for trick or treat. Kids will be disappointed. Enjoy the ghost and goblins in your world today.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Great Weekend

Good times catching up!


Brothers and sister having morning coffee

Lots of visiting, and a low keyed weekend. So good to see our Florida family.


Sleeping beauties,


Friday, October 25, 2013


Dinner last night.

Newlyweds Cory and Jessie.
Mother's 93rd Birthday
Mike and Marlene home!

Looking forward to a great weekend with family!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Little Fall Project

I saw this on Spontaneous Clapping blog and thought my little JoJo would love it. So for the past week, we've been cutting out felt leaves, acorns and pumpkins.

Mailed it out and yes, she loves it. Well, maybe she loved the little bags of M&M's I sent more!

Mama was dropping it down a bit so she could reach it better but she wanted it up right away so she could play. Have fun. JoJo!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Time to Break Out the Warm Clothes

It's not looking pretty folks!

On another note, I spent some time over the weekend looking for living room furniture. All I know is that I want a linen color solid couch. And what does darling husband want, a big ol' stuffed power recliner. It's certainly not going to fit with the Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware look I was hoping for. Now what do I do? Not sure what to do about tables either. This is so difficult! Any ideas out there?

Busy week ahead. Mama's birthday and Florida family visiting for the long weekend! Yippee!


Friday, October 18, 2013

Random Five on Friday

One. First and foremost, a Happy anniversary to my BFF and her husband Jack! What a great couple. They just returned last night from their celebration in NYC. Can't wait to hear all about it!

Two. Busy, busy week with commitments. Volunteering, appointments (three this week), errands, etc.

Three. Not too much on the cooking this week. I did make my yummy chicken noodle soup and dutch oven bread. It was perfect on a rainy, damp day. I also made a crockpot casserole dish...Hamburger Chop Suey. I was given the recipe last weekend from a friend at the harvest fest. It was tasty. My husband and mother loved it!

Four. I am in the process of making a cute little craft for a cute little girl! I'll share with you soon.

Five. Yucky outlook weather-wise ahead. Cold, rain, wind for the next ten days. Maybe some of that stuff that starts with the letter s!

Have a great weekend my friends.



Thursday, October 17, 2013


Lynne, bless her heart, took me to her secret spot to cut some bittersweet.

See little yellow berries on the left of vine.
Our pickins'

Her spot is about a quarter of a block long and the trees are just loaded with bittersweet vines.

We were able to get what we wanted however, the area was pretty picked clean except for the spot we were in. Next year, we thought it might be good to bring a pair of the long handled lobbers to reach way up. Great pickins' up there!

I love little springs of bittersweet mixed in my fall vignettes. Thanks for sharing Lynne!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Harvest Fest

We took our Leila Jane out for the weekend to Hoffmaster State Park. It's just a few miles from home. We decked out for the festivities.

We had perfect fall weather. The days sunny and bright; perfect camp fire evenings. Most people we festive as well with their decorations.

We had lots of visitors, even some from Maine.

Paul and Shirley

Lots of activities for young and old! Scavenger hunt, doggie parade, silent auction, crossbow instructions, etc.

We won this book!



Neat program and presentation of Wildlife Rescue program.

And of course, trick or treat. It started to rain the minute trick or treat began. I felt bad for all the little kiddos.


Big people have fun too!
Candy anyone.

We had a great time. Now we must tuck Leila Jane away for the season! Twas great fun with her this year.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Harvest Fest

Dear followers....I'm out for a few days....incommunicado. We are camping nearby. It's the FUN weekend. Ghosts and goblins and thousands of kids. The weather is going to be perfect.

Our last camping adventure for the year. Watch for lots of pictures early next week.


Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chicago Part II

Sunday, my brother and I chose to embrace our Polish heritage and attended Mass at St. Hyacinth's Basilica. We attended the 9 a.m.Mass which was in Polish.

The church was designed by the architectural firm of Worthmann and Steinbach who built many of the magnificent Polish Cathedrals in Chicago. The church structure—a red-brick edifice in the Classical Revival style has an ornate interior of Baroque influence. The first Mass was celebrated in the structure in 1921.

It was so impressive. Not only the beauty of the church, but experiencing the Polish culture and the fluency of the young children with the polish language. What really was amazing was I picked up a church bulletin on my way out of church. I read it after I was home. It was noted in the bulletin that October 6 is the Feast of St. Bruno. My dad's name was Bruno...he was indeed a Polish catholic man. He was definitely smiling down on us.

Following Mass, we went to Bucktown for breakfast. TOAST was the recommended spot.

Pancake Orgy



Dog Friendly Neighborhood

We said goodbye to our little munchkin and headed back home to reality.

Thanks Jackie and JoJo for hanging with us! Can't wait to come visit again!

Thank you to Kim for the recommendation of the church and restaurant.