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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Family - Two Nieces

Ginny's daughters, Jackie and Jessie, are my little sweethearts!  I adore these girls.  They have grown up with me.  When they were little, they came and stayed overnight with me often.  I have such good memories of those days.
Jackie is the older of the two.  She is married to Joffrey.  They have been married a little over two years.  They live in Chicago.  Jackie works at World's Finest Chocolates. (yum).  Jackie is probably the most like me of all the kids.  She likes to cook and bake, she's pretty direct (when she wants to be), she likes crafting and she likes fussing around the house.  She likes to try new things and enjoys decorating their new home.  She is a very caring person - she's very considerate of others, and has a great sense of humor.   She can talk to any one, any where, any time!  Chat, chat, chat.  My hubby thinks she eats too slow.  Everyone else is done and she's still making her way through her food - that's because she talks.  This is her hubby Joffrey: a great husband and a really good man.

  Jessica Ruth:
These two sisters are amazing.  They are really close to one another.  They have helped each other through some trying times.  Jessie is a recent graduate from Grand Valley State University.  She is a professional photographer.  She currently lives in Holland which is about 40 minutes from me. Jessie is a leasing agent for an apartment complex and does some nanny work in my hometown.  She enjoys wedding photography and private photo sessions which she does in her sparetime.

 Jessie lived with us for a while this summer and I loved it.  Jessie is a gentle spirit and sweet young lady.  She has a very kind heart and doesn't want to hurt anyone.  She is much quieter than her chatty sister and a bit more introspective.  She loves her family and it is important for her to be within close range of them.

She is currently dating a good guy by the name of Cory.  He is a teacher and is living about five hours away.  This isn't the most ideal situation for them but they will figure it out.

Jessie did a lot of volunteer mission work in her college days and spent summers at her church camp in Arcadia as well.  She values doing good works for others.  I've seen more of Jessie over this past year since she lives so close and I have come to really enjoy her and the company we keep.  She feels comfortable just bopping over for dinner after work or just hanging out with me.  I love it and her.

I feel blessed to have these two delightful girls in my life.

That's it for now.  TTFN - Babs

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