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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Mantle

What do you think?  The bittersweet vine from my backyard is great this year.
I'll be linking up to the Fall Mantle party for some exposure.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ArtPrize 2010

Mr. Babs and I went to Grand Rapids today and walked about ArtPrize 2010.  It was awesome as usual. It was a gorgeous day to walk the streets.  Temperature was about 70 and it was nice and sunny.  By far, my three top favorites I saw today were these:
This is "Grandfather Monk Luan" a fiberglass resin sculpture. by Sunti Pichetchaiyakul.  This is so real - down to the gray hair coming out of his ear.  This arms even had veins.  Unreal!
This is "Pamlico".  She is made of 32,250 toothpicks.  Even her hair - toothpicks! And last, a favorite:

"Coughin" get it (coffin).
Oh and how can you not love this guy.
He's made of nails.

If you have the opportunity, please don't miss this event.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Overnight Guest

Last night, my niece Jessie came and spent the night on her return from Alpena.  She had to "nanny" this morning here in town, so she wanted to shave off another 40 minutes last night and then again this a.m.

She visited Cory in Alpena - the new phys. ed teacher.  A four and a half hour trip - (each way).  It must be love to do that!

A fine photo of Jessie!

Anyway, she was so kind to bring me the disc with all Grandma's Party pics on it.  So as we go along life's path in the blog, I will be sharing some of my favorites. 

Here is one!

More later - TTFN - Babs

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Holland Farmers Market

Well, Mr. Babs was gone on the bike this weekend.  Thus, I had lots of free time to do whatever I wanted.  One of my favorite things to do is go to the Holland Farmers Market.  There is such energy there.  The vendors all have their goods arranged neat and tidy.  The nurseries have cool, unusual plants and grasses and lots of cool flowers.  In the fall, my favorite lady is there ......the pumpkin lady.  Of course, it took me about 1/2 hour to decide exactly what I wanted to take home with me.

See why it is so hard.  All sorts of options.  I only picked up a few for the fireplace mantle and a basketful of little white pumpkins - I added some bittersweet vine from the backyard - it looks really cute.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much home with the garage door closed - it was so windy out.  Mr. Babs went to the UP on the bike.  It was so windy they had to be escorted over Mackinac Bridge - he said it was not pleasant - they could only go single file - 20 mph and they were still blowing and weaving like crazy.  He said I would not have like it if I was on the back of the bike.  Right, dah!

I crafted this weekend a lot - made another cute bag.

Getting geared up a trip to Chicagoland.  I"ll be leaving with my sister Maggie on Wednesday for a few days.  Staying with my niece - doing some shopping, going to Zacataco's (yum, yum - their guac is the bomb) and just hanging out -pedi/mani with the polish girls too!

Have a good week.  We're snuggled in - it was only 43 degrees this a.m.!!!! Brrrr.  Yes, our furnace is on.
TTFN - Babs

Friday, September 24, 2010

Risotto and The New Bag

As I shared with you the other day, I was at the Farmer's Market and bought a Butternut squash.  Well, I did take the challenge and made a risotto.  I must say it's not difficult, just a bit time consuming.  It had nice texture and the taste was good but something.....I can't put my finger on it, was a little strange.  Maybe it was my homegrown sage?  Anyway, it was good.  It made A LOT.  I will try again.  Maybe sundried tomato and garlic.

And, today I finished a new the "Girly, Girl Bag.  Isn't she cute!  I may make a few and put them in the Vintage Viola where my little wallets are residing.  Next up, will be one made with some nice bark cloth.  What do you think?

Enjoy your weekend!  Chat next week!
TTFN - Babs

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


As you will see as you read along in the days ahead, I am a newbie at this.  My dishcloth photo ended up in the wrong place.  Let's try this again.  Thanks for you patience.

Fall Things

Yesterday was a nice warm, Indian summer, kind of day.  I went down to Grand Haven and sat at the Marina and knitted.  Just enjoying the last of the sun and the warm temperatures.  I, then, wandered into Central Park and picked up giant acorns.  I have to "cure" them now.  Last year I put them in a cute bowl on the counter and next thing I knew I had worms everywhere.  So,  I need to dry in the sun and then "bake" in the oven for an hour.  Baked worms for supper tonight!

So here is a photo of my knitting project:  a lovely dishcloth.  I bought the green Monday and I think I will get a mustard color.  I will package as a three-cloth set and sell it at the Vintage Viola shop along with my wallets.  My unemployment ends in two weeks - have to do something, right!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Beginnings

People have encouraged me to start a blog.  Why?  Because I do a lot of crafty fun things and they believe in me and think I should show the world. we go.

I enjoy crafting and decorating and being home.  I love creating new things.  Seems like whenever I see something, my first reaction is "oh I have to try that!.

So as I begin to "babble" and let you know more about me and what I enjoy, I hope you will follow me and send me your comments.  I'd love to meet bloggers and enter a whole new world.