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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Next up for my family introductions is my older sister Ginny (Virginia, Ginny Ann, Ginka (polish for Ginny).

Ginny is two years older than me.  She lives in Portage, Michigan.  She has lived there every since her college days.  Ginny is a respiratory therapist.  She currently works in a physician's office for a Pulmonologist.  She previously has worked in home care and in the inpatient hospital setting.  Ginny has two daughters, Jackie and Jessie - they will be featured in a separate post.  She is a good mom to her girls.

Ginny likes to antique, she loves to travel - her recent trip being Italy.  She really enjoys photography, reading, and she loves to shop.   She does a lot of fun things with her good friend Deb.    Though she lives a few hours away, Ginny visits us often and keeps a watchful eye on our mother, as well all do.

Ginny has a vicious cat named Coco.  Coco loves Ginny but hates everyone else.  What can I say. 

Next up will be here two daughters - Jackie and Jessica.

Today is a sunny day though it was 25 degrees earlier!  I think it has creeped up to 41.
TTFN - Babs