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Monday, November 29, 2010

Allen T. Stewart III - aka Lenny

Lenny is Maggie's oldest son.

Lenny is 24.  Lenny currently lives in Eugene Oregon.  He is attending college and is in his final year - urban planning is his major.  He's thinking about going on and getting a degree in law as well.

This is Haylee to the right here.  She has been an important woman in his life for quite a few years. I hope she continues to be - she is a very interesting young woman.

Lenny is a biking enthusiast.  He has competed in many races out in Oregon.  He has put it on the back burner a bit due to his studies.  But he has trained hard and thinks nothing about going for a 70 mile bike ride.

Lenny is very much an outdoors person.  He enjoys hiking and camping - especially when his skee-town buddies come to visit.  He is adventurous.  He is a beer snob as well as a coffee snob.   I guess you can be when you live in a city where every street corner has both.

Lenny is a good man. He likes to have fun, he is quiet  yet can be very talkative (does that make sense).  He is very intelligent and is very loyal.  He's protective of his little sister and loves his family.  I love it when he is around.

Up next - Tucker!
TTFN - Babs


  1. Your a doll to help me out! Everything is up and running!
    Thanks for reading

  2. Hi Barb, except that Lenny is ATS 4, not 3.