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Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Five

One. I went to Joann's the day after Christmas. This is what I saw. Come on!

Two. I have a few things on my knitting needles. A little pink baby something....and a potholder base. I'll show you soon. It's nice being cozy warm and sitting down and just knitting methodically. No counting....just going with the flow.

Three. Made a killer pie for new years day. Our favorite, banana cream.

Four. Thankful all the travelers over Christmas are back home safe...Norm and Linda drove out to Maine; Bob and Mary down to Florida; Leah drove to Denver; Lenny from Oregon and back, Drew to FL and then up to Michigan, jackie and family, Chicago to Michigan and my sister Ginny from Kalamazoo to Muskegon and back.

Five. So thankful that all my tests turned out A-OK. Just have to have the sleep study done in a few weeks and am confident that it will turn out fine as well. Must continue to eat healthy and exercise often from now on. Oh, must remember never to do a stress test again. That about did me in!

Have a great weekend ....stay warm, relax, and enjoy new beginnings!




  1. You certainly had the family traveling in the past weeks. Happy everyone made it safely to and fro.

    I know Valentine candy at Meijers. Now isn't that ridiculous!

    How come I wasn't invited for my favorite pie?

    Enjoy your new beginnings Barbie . . .

  2. Still pouting over the non pie invite!