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Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Five

One. A lady I follow on another blog was writing about a book she discovered, Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I remembered I had that very book on my bookshelf from years ago. I brought it out and decided to follow along. It is daily reflections and walks through a year long journey of discovering your authentic self. Graditude, blessings, happiness, contentment, simplicity, etc. are topics of reflection.

Two. I finished the baby sweater I started a few weeks ago. Casted on the hat. Should have it done early next week. I will share pictures soon.

Three. Speaking of baby, our little Bywater Bundle is growing. Jackie had her 28 week appointment. If all goes well and as planned, we're looking at early April to meet our new baby girl.

Four. My mother ordered a new ipad this week. It arrived and I have it all set up for her. How many 93 year olds have an Ipad Air? By the way, its really sweet!

Five. We're hunkered down for a few days. All schools closed in anticipation of the blizzard hitting around noon today. Forty- five mph winds and blowing snow, white out conditions predicted. We went out this a.m. To walk at the mall. My sweetheart dropped me off at the door. When he came in from parking the car, he said he got one of those ice cream headaches just walking a short distance in the cold wind.

Oh, one more thing! My nephew Erik just received confirmation that he was accepted into the Mechanical Engineering program at USF next fall. CONGRATULATIONS Erik!

Have a good weekend!



  1. I like all your good news. Your Friday Five lift me up! Isn't it fun to hear about a book and then realize you have it all ready in your home collection!

  2. Hi Barb, I love Simple Abundance. I use it often for quotes and inspiration. Oh my, JoJo is going to be a big sister! She will have what I only dreamed of! You've got the sister thing too, so lucky! Take care my friend...Spring will come! Love, Penny