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Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday, Monday

I'm happy for Monday. I am so hpong that this week everyday doesn't feel like Saturday or a Sunday. My days were so messed up over the holidays.

So, today we start out with a snow day for all of our surrounding area. Even doctor offices are closed. Temperature is 3 and windchill is -18. Visibility is poor. Still snowing! Winter in Michigan!

Made a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup yesterday and a loaf of dutch oven bread. Perfect comfort food for a cold, snowy day. I just put in baby back ribs for tonight. Warm the house with the oven on for four hours. Oh, and the smell!

My mother has been with us since Friday. Her new furnace is being installed at the moment. What a time for it to go out. It's been nice having her with us!

Baby sweater almost done. Just been knitting like crazy over the weekend. Started a blanket and it's been frogged already. I'll try again. Little tricky getting the momentum!

Stay warm, stay in! Most of the natio. Is freezing!

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