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Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Five

Here we are enjoying Friday again. It feels good getting back to a normal routine, though it was a slight disrupted from the bad weather monday and Tuesday. Everything was closed. So, for the week, here are my thoughts, observations, stuff, etc.

One. Yesterday I baked. Though I am working on getting healthier, I enjoy being in the kitchen. Everyone else enjoys my baking, so it was kind of a Pay It Forward kind of day. Cardamon Bread....ahhhh.

Made into rolls..something a bit different.

Two. I am really enjoying my knitting. The baby sweater is 95% done. It's precious. I also started a baby blanket. I got the pattern from Ravelery and the idea from Kim at County Line Road. Spoiler alert....Jackie scroll past picture if you don't want to see

Three. I was listening to a podcast yesterday while walking. They were discussing middle age. What do you consider middle aged. Their opinion was 40’s. What are your thoughts on that?

Four. Do you ever peruse Tumblr? I like it alot. For those not familiar, it is a multimedia platform and social networking opportunity to post from anywhere, anytime and scroll through thousands of blog quotes, photos, areas of interest, etc. You can share, save, copy, etc. I have my favorites I follow and when I want to just escape...thats where I go. Here are a few from this week...can't wait for summer...Iced Coffee anyone or do you prefer French pressed?

Four. I am tired of hearing "Polar Vortex" already.

Five. I've been looking for a nice, fun place to spend a celebration weekend in St. Petersburg next month. Any ideas. Criteria...preferably on the beach, two bedroom suite with a balcony facing the water. Anyone have any ideas?

Rain in the forecast for the weekend.



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  1. Great post Barbie and if you don't receive any comments on the St. Pete's request I am going to SCREAM. ome on people, if you are reading Barbie's BABS JUST A BABBLIN please leave a comment!