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Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Five

One. Forged new territory this week. A. Went to a monthly book club at a local coffee shop. The book that was read was the Book Thief. I started it but did not finish it. I went anyway. Next month's selection is Tell The Wolves I'm Home.

Two. I enrolled in two exercise classes and we had our first classes this week. They went really well and I enjoyed them. I also walked a few miles twice this week at the mall.

Three. Last night I completed the last of the series of tests my cardiologist ordered. This has been a two month process. I am happy to report all of them came out just fine. So hopefully a healthier lifestyle is the answer.

Four. Only four weeks from tomorrow and we will be in warm, sunny Florida. Can't wait.

Bye, bye!


Five. Happy Birthday to me today.!

From my dear sweet husband.

This is what 60 looks like!'s to another 30 good one's!




  1. Happy Birthday - sounds like you are starting your new year right :-)

  2. Happy Birthday, Babs! Hope you're off doing something wonderful! You make 60 look good. Glad you have good news from the doctor too! Xoxo

  3. Popping by from the Irish Garden House's blog (yours & hers are both new to me).
    Happy Birthday - Looking good at 60!
    Good for you to do the exercise class, I need to get more exercise myself.
    Hubby did good with those pretty flowers.

  4. Pretty Roses Birthday Girl! I hope you have had a great day!