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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Part 3 Chicago

Our last day in Chicago, Lynne and I started out by leaving a few pumpkins for Jackie and her family to enjoy outside.  It was perfect, the lawn people just mowed minutes before we were leaving.

 The clematis still in bloom.
We had a great breakfast just down the street at The Southern Belle.  Corn Beef Hash and Egg Skillet.
Lasted for three meals!  We then stopped at the Shop n Save --- wanted to pick up some Perogi and Polish Sausage for home.  Was able to get fresh polish sausage also and some fresh itlaian sausage for soup.  I also got my favorite soup, Dill Pickle Soup.  I know it sounds gross but it really isn't.

Then, Lynne and I got really brave and drove on into the city.  Oh my gosh.  Thank God for the GPS.  The traffic.....all of sudden eight lanes of traffic....then everyone merges into about four ....some needing the exit on the right...some then deciding on the exit on the left.  One way streets, stop lights, parking garages, no parking, and to our destination.
One of my favorite bloggers, Razmataz.sent an email stating this was a favorite store of hers in Chicago.  I like her style and taste so we went for it.

 Nice shop....a lot of european flair, restaurant ware, silver, flea market finds.  We walked on over to Starbucks for a coffee and decided to head out.  Short visit but wanted to get out of town before rush hour started.

Back on the road, headed home, great conversation,  wonderful friendship, and home again!

Wonderful adventure!


  1. You brave and crazy girls! I am too chicken to venture into downtown Chicago without a chauffeur, and there you two go. Amazing! Miss you both! Love,

  2. Perfect post Barbie . . . and a perfect time together. (Only exception would be eight lanes of traffic from all sides, merging into downtown Chicago.).

    We made it, "we are women . . . "