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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cupcakes and Cookies

Yesterday was a day for baking!  Just felt it in the air...know what I mean?

 These chocolate chip cookies turned out perfect.  I read in a Cooks Illustrated magazine yesterday the trick to perfection is more brown sugar than white sugar, and after you mix the butter and sugars together, let the mixture set for 10 minutes to allow the sugars to dissolve a bit more, and one egg plus one egg yolk, not two whole eggs.  I tried that and they are very good.  They have a nice crispness to them.  I baked one batch and froze the rest of the dough in individual scoops.  I can take them out as needed!

Next up, German Chocolate Cupcakes.  My brother Phil and Sister Ginny have birthdays today!  Happy Birthday you two!  So, in honor I made two dozen cupcakes and a mini-cake.  Anyone want a cupcake.  I have about 20 extra!
This recipe is from Get Off Your Butt and Bake blog.

I thought I would just add this also.
The dahlia's are coming to an end.  The garden, umm, not too much going on there!

Remember our fellow American's we lost this day eleven years ago.


  1. Looking very, very good! Enjoy the birthdays today!

  2. I wanna live at your house. Birthday congrats to Phil and Ginny! Remembering . . . Have a good one, Barb.

  3. Those both look delicious! Around here these days, unless my daughters feel like baking something, we are not having treats! Thankfully, they feel like baking something every once in a while! Even our 9 year old, Max, baked us brownies last week because "it has been too long since we had brownies"!! Thanks so much for asking where we will be, I was on a shared computer and rushed through that post... we are in Lansing tomorrow at the Capital Lawn Market from 12-4 and then we are in Hudsonville on Sat. as well as Fulton St. Artisans Market on Sunday and we will also have a booth at Uncle Johns Cider Mill Fall Fest. on Sat. and Sun. ! Whew! Life is pretty crazy around here this week! I hope yours is fabulous as well! t.xoxo

  4. how did I miss this delicious post. Those German chocolate cupcakes look so good, if we lived closer I would drop by! ;-).