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Friday, September 28, 2012

Blogger Meets Bloggers

It all started about two years ago.  Penny and I met through our blogs.  I saw a post she did on perogi.  She made them from scratch.  Just the way my mom has for years.  I commented on Penny's post and we many similarities/connections.  Fast forward, we met when I was in Chicago a year and a half ago.  Met over coffee.  It was delightful.

My friend Lynne started to blog....she finally got it!  She was interested in knowing a few of my favorite blogs.  Of course, Penny was one.  Lynne fast became a friend.  How can you not with Lynne!

We've planned to all meet one another, and it took a while.  Finally the day arrived.  We met Penny at her home in the Chicago area this past week.
Lynne and Penny meet at last.

Penny is such a gracious hostess.  We sat down to refreshments and some of Penny's sweet treats.
We visited so we've know each other for years.  We had the pleasure of meeting Tyke, Penny's husband and her son Michael.  How nice!

Penny is so organized...she even had everything all set for us to create a craft.  How fun was that!
 Crafting in action
Simmering Fall Potpourri Packets....smells fabulous.

And of course, Penny could not let us leave empty handed.  Recipes, Book of Quotes, Handmade Towel, bookmark, Angel for our keychain, doggie bag of sweet morsels of goodness and lots of love!
The time went by so quickly and we had to say our goodbyes.
Wonderful visit, friendships cemented, connections made, memories created!  Thank you for hosting us Penny.


  1. Dear Barb, You described our visit so well. We did have a great time. Thanks again for your beautiful gift, but especially your friendship and for sharing your dear friend Lynne with me. You lovely ladies are welcome anytime. It was my pleasure, and honor having you in my home! Love, Penny

  2. Very nice Zbarbie . . . I wish we could get together more often. Wasn't the crafting fun, visiting too!!

  3. Ooops . . . The word is BARBIE! We just returned fom Art Zpize and inner. Exhausted, as we were leaving GR the pople were lining the streets and there were thousands of Jpneses Lnterns in the sky. What a site . . . inspiring indee!

  4. I give up, your blog won't let me correct . . .
    Art Prize
    Japanese Lanterns

  5. I’m blown away by Penny’s hosting skills. The craft project is beautiful and practical. I love it. No wonder you hit it off with her. Friendship ~ so nice!