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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Church Suppers

Do you frequent your local church suppers?  Are you one of those that seek them out?

I sometimes forget how good they can be!  We purchased tickets in advance for the Spaghetti Dinner at Our Lady of Grace Church here in Muskegon.  This is their annual festival and it's a good one - surely not to miss.

This is one serving of spaghetti with two meatballs.  You also are served a salad, roll and a dessert.
Apple Crisp.  All this for $7.00.  It's enough for two meals for us. 

I understand the volunteers made 10,000 meatballs during the course of the past week.  The proprietor of a local Italian eatery, Teddy's Spaghetti,  orchestrates the event.  The spaghetti is delicious.  You may also purchase just the sauce and meatballs to go to freeze for later.  Should have done that!

They also have a baked good sale.  Lots of good things to choose from if you arrive early enough.
I bought a jar of salsa, it looked so pretty.  Also a jar of Grandma David's Pickle Relish.  Hmmm...wonder who Grandma David is?  I also bought a loaf of Date Nut Bread.  My mother was the recipient of that as well as a Spaghetti Dinner.

The only other one we for sure attend is the annual Turkey Dinner with all the fixin's at St. Catherine's Catholic Church in Ravenna.  I think that one is in October.  Real turkey, real dressing, wonderful squash, cranberries, real mashed potatoes and gravy and of course,  pumpkin pie.

Tell me about your church suppers....any real good ones in your are?

Today is the perfect day to stay inside.  It's only about 50 outside, gloomy....looks like it wants to rain.
Time to get crafting while the hubby watches football!


  1. Were you doing your post when we visited? Seems like I heard this. . . Looking really good.. I wonder who Grandma David is too!

  2. October fests are scheduled all over the county. Like mini-fairs with good food, music and booths displaying local talents ~ it’s my favorite time of year. Glad you came home with extra bounty and had a good time too.