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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chicago Bound

My good friend Lynne and I are headed for Chicago for a few days.  We take off in the morning.

On the agenda is IKEA, Crate and Barrel, Trader Joe's, Shop n' Save (Polish Kielbasa).

The highlight will be meeting up with our fellow blogger Penny.
Penny and I have met however, Lynne has not met her.  We will be meeting at her house for coffee.  So Excited.

Next up, we will be meeting this little Peanut and her Momma for dinner and then spending the night at their home.
We will get up in the morning and stroll to the Southern Belle for breakfast and then start heading back home.  Probably a few stops along the way....antique shops, a little lunch, more cute little get the picture?

Looking forward to a nice girls outing!  I'm taking my camera!  Hope to show you a few highlights if I remember to take pictures!


  1. Chicago is fabulous...make sure you go to POSH. My fav store there..

    Have loads of fun.

  2. Oh my, you and Lynne loose on a road trip. Be still my heart.