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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Simon rules!  To know him is to love him

Si is the family dog.  He is 8 years old (we debate that subject often).  Simon loves everyone.  He is the best dog.  He doesn't lick, bite, jump,  - he is just as mellow as can be.  All he wants in life is food and to be loved.  He isn't much of a guard dog.  I can walk up to the door and he may be sleeping against it and he doesn't budge.  Simon loves to be by your side.  He loves to run in the woods, swim in the lake, and go wherever Maggie goes.  A better companion can't be found.

And to wrap up the Carlson's - here is a synopsis minus Simon.
Maggie, Jacob, Leah, Tucker and Lenny

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