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Friday, December 3, 2010

Back to my roots

My polish heritage has been calling our name.  It's time to master this thing.  Kolachki.  They are polish/czech cookies.  I tried making the previously, but they kept coming apart.  This year, Maggie and I vowed that we would master these if it killed us.  She found the perfect recipe.

We started with chilling the dough:

Next you roll it out thin and cut into two inch squares.  Fill the squares with raspberry filling, almond paste, and we used nutmeats as well.  Pinch together (the hard part).  This is what they look like at this point.
Bake, cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar.  Taste!  Divine!!!!!  Worth the work. 
Hope there are some left by Christmas.
TTFN - Babs

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