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Friday, December 10, 2010

Leah Barbara Carlson

Leah is 17.  She is the only girl in the family with three boys.  Poor thing - she has had to fight to be heard all her life.  Her older brothers are so protective of her (Lenny and Tucker).  She is pretty close to Jacob - the youngest but they both hate to admit it.

Leah is ambitious.  She is a good student, she works, and seems to always be busy with friends.  She plays soccer and likes to run.  She is a senior this year and high school and isn't quite sure about college yet.  She wants to be an English teacher but that can change - not too long ago she wanted to be an anesthesiologist.

She loves all of her cousins.  She is very close to them and looks to them for direction.  Leah is so good about always giving us hugs when she comes and goes.  She is a great gal - just needs some direction from time to time.  She definitely has a mind of her own, very strong willed,  and is very independent.

Last and not least will be the youngest of Maggie's kids - Jacob.
TTFN - Babs

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