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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Reasons Why I Need This

I went to the Apple store today in the Grand Rapids Woodland Mall.  The place was packed.  I couldn't resist looking at and learning more about the IPAD.  Now that I have seen the real thing and learned more about it, I want/need it really bad.  The hubby can't quite understand it.  Why do I need it, he states.


1.  I could be so in touch with everything and everyone at any given moment.
2.  I could use it as a learning tool.  There is so much to learn about it.
3.  They (Apple) offers classes on how to use it, so I could easily learn so much about it.
4.  I feel a need to not get lost in the technology world (which I already somewhat am).
5.  I want to stay abreast with what's going on with technology.
6.  I think it's so cool.
7.  I don't want to fall behind the times.  I want to stay up with all the kids!
8.  I just plain want it!  Isn't that reason enough.
9.  I am hoping I could get the husband into the 21st century with it.
10.  Again, I just plain want it really, really bad.!!!

The hubby will say "get a job" and you can buy whatever you want!  Ugh!
Oh well, I will have to work on him.

Have you seen the Ipad?  Any reasons you know of why I shouldn't get one?
TTFN - Babs

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