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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jacob "Jake"

Jacob is the youngest in the family of four.  He actually turns 16 on December 15 - just a few days away.
I love Jacob.  He always has been sweet to me.  I can always get him to sit down and talk to me.  I usually am able to get out of him whatever I need too.

He is a good guy.  He is a great soccer player and lives to play.  He has been on the varsity soccer team since he started high school.  He is in the process of trying out for nationals.  He made the first cut and is hoping to make the second.

Jake has lots of friends, both male and female.  When he was a bit younger - he always had a trail of girls behing him or they were gathered around him.

I hope he continues on the path of being a good kid.  I try to instill good traits - always be kind, don't say mean things to people.  He is so cute and I don't want it to go to his head.

TTFN - Babs

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