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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow Virgin

The Blessed Virgin Mary with a snow cap!
A friend of mine, he talented and gifted, Roberta King, photographed this at Prince of Peace Church.  Thank you Roberta for allowing me to share this amazing photo.

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  1. My kitchen window over the sink is the first thing I see clearly in the morning as I make coffee and the last thing I see at night as I load dessert dishes into the dishwasher. Today I received a gift that truly made my heart sing. Two felted hearts and two clay tags arrived at my post office box after a long hectic day (long story). As I rejoice in Mary’s grace I am grateful for friends (true friends not blog land acquaintances) like you Barb. Your gifts have found a permanent home in my window over the sink . . . Thank you.

  2. Barb, How beautiful. There is a Parish called Our Lady of the Snows in Chicago. Thank you for sharing my friend. Love, Penny

  3. This is indeed stunning, especially the colours! Beautiful! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and joining in on the "no winter whining" meme, such a pleasure! Cheers~