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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Would Like Some Advice

Richard and I will be celebrating our anniversary next month. Thirty two years.

Every year we struggle with what we should do to celebrate. Due to lack of ideas, we end up going out for dinner and that's usually it. I really wish we could come up with something different.

We don't want to fly somewhere. No long trip or cruise. Probably a day trip. Just stumped.

Can you help?

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  1. How about a bed and breakfast in a town with a little theater ~ a day trip over and a day trip back? Draw a circle for a few hours out and see what is out there. Early congratulations.

  2. Hi Barb, I kidnapped my husband...packed our bags, made a him in the car and handed him a note telling him he would be released unharmed in 24 hours! We had the best time...Maybe it was the surprise or the fact that he didn't have to lift a finger. Whatever you do you'll have a great time because you're together. Happy Anniversary

  3. A beach day with a packed lunch, a couple of magazines....followed by beers in a noisy bar with life music???

  4. I like the "draw a circle" and see what is out there . . . Or, Lake Express or the Badger to Wisconsin, taking your car and drive up to Door County, Washington Island. Or, how about parking Lila someplace close and celebrate what the two of you have created in year 31! It would be a "kick off for Year 32!"

  5. Well it is difficult for me being in the UK to advise on your celebrations, but here we would take a walk along the coast, watch the sun go down (whenever the sun comes out at the moment we are having the worst summer on record it has rained every day!) with a glass of champagne in our hands.
    Jill x

  6. Get real drunk and fall asleep early. -love cory.