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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do You Have a Friend Who Can Do It All?

I do.  All I need to do is pick up the phone and say, "Dawn, I need your help!" and she's on it.

My latest project I wanted to accomplish in the sewing world was this adorable journal cover.
Rachel, the creator, kindly sent me the measurements for the cover.  I've tried to make these composition book covers in the past and failed,well, I didn't go so great.  The cover just wouldn't fit.  So, who do I call?  My friend, Dawn.  I sent her the basic instructions and this picture.  Next thing I know, the following day...she has it figured out. She made a template and she drew the design out on graph paper and had all the pluses colored in various colors. She called and said, "one problem. This is not you."  Meaning, see all those tiny little squares?  They measure about 3/4 inches each.  Small + exact is not my gig!  She knows me well.  Darn it!

So, she gave me the basic instructions for the basic cover and said I should start with that.  I could do it.  Just be sure to measure, measure, measure.  So.....I did and am pleased with the results.
Now, I need to figure out how to do all that fancy, fun stuff.

How cute are those.?  I have ton of fun scraps of fabric.  I could do a lot of cute ones.  Now just how the heck do I get all those pieces "evenly cut"?  Dawn!  Help?

Do you have a go to person in your world?  I can call Dawn any time and say "I need your help, your advice, whatever....and she would be there."    She often volunteers to do the chore.  How blessed am I?
Thank you Dawn, for all you do for me!  I value you immensely.

I'll let you know if I succeed with the piecing part.

Thank you to everyone who commented on the anniversary idea.  The general response suggested something laid back and easy.  No big fuss, no big expense.  The hubby suggested taking a float in a raft down the Muskegon River....and I added with a picnic lunch and some bubbly!  It's a short month away so I'll let you know what we end up doing! 

Stay cool!!  High 90's here today.


  1. Looks fun, reminds me, sort of . . . of the hot pads, Yarn Purl made. how nice of Dawn. You are my go to iPad person! Smile . . .

    1. We love our iPads, don't we? Smile indeed!