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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Just doing a little catch up.

Do you ever spend time at a bookstore? I spent a few hours Sunday afternoon at Barnes and Noble. I so enjoy grabbing a few magazines and an iced latte, and my iPad. I sit and peruse magazines for ideas. My iPad comes in real handy. I write down ideas, blogs I find and snap an occasional picture (is that bad.)

I don't want to forget an idea.

SEW article by Mary
SEW by Somerset

So inspirational. It gets me in trouble though. I get all these grandiose ideas. I want to try everything but I have to focus on "the quilt".

So that, I am doing. Created this square last night.

Richie and I went for a nice bike ride last night. It was humid and hot but nice just the same. I want a basket for my bike. I want to carry my camera, phone, and a water bottle.

Cute idea but I think a neutral canvas liner would look awesome.  I originally thought a wicker basket but I want something a little more  hip.  CitySlicker-ish. Is that the word I'm looking for? Not so cutesie.
Did I show you the bike?  My Electra Townie.

Many errands to do this week, need to schedule a haircut and a pedicure and continue my work on the quilt. Our last class is in a few weeks. I am nowhere near done.

Hot and humid here! Wish I were young and had a body to just hang at the beach. Here is my nephew just hanging out, lucky guy!

Enjoy your week. Are you watching the Olympics?


  1. I just got an Electra Cruiser 7D, and it is awesome! I would have gotten the Townie, but I wasn't sure how much I'd use the bike, and wasn't sure I should spend that much. The Cruiser has been great, though. I'm actually going out at lunch to buy myself the Electra wicker basket. I think it's hipper retro-wise than the wire baskets, but the wire baskets are great, too. You should absolutely get one!

  2. I am a hopeless romantic. I would want a wicker basket. On the practical side I would look for one made out of the manmade wicker that doesn’t rot and mildew. Have a great week.

  3. Great post . . . didn't show up on my reader though. I came to your site to send your link to someone and found this . . . Adam is WOW . . .