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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On The Road Again!

Took off spontaneously yesterday for Interlochen State Park. It's beautiful here. The temperatures are perfect....even had a little chill last night. I put a jean jacket on!

We have a view of Duck Lake from our campsite. Out the window I saw the sunrise this morning. Sitting outside now
drinking my morning coffee. (I dig my electric perk coffee pot). Enjoying the quiet, the birds chirping, and catching up on emails, etc. Oh, a bluebird just landed a few feet away from me. How adorable.

We are off to explore other campgrounds today. Headed to Leelanau Pennisula. I'll be on the lookout for Mario Batali. Headed to Art's for lunch i. Glen Arbor! Jackie wants me to stop at Cherry Republic and have cherry ice cream for her!

Hope you have a good day....I plan on it for sure.


  1. Enjoy the pleasant wether Barbie!

  2. Do a little Michigan wine tasting while you are up there! Good stuff!

  3. Hi Babs

    Have awarded you the Liebster blogging award


  4. Hi Barb, Oh the joys of retirement...get up and GO! Looks like a beautiful spot, enjoy you lovebirds! Love, Penny