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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Little Bit of this and that!

We hung a woodpecker suet block up on our feeder and this fella' has been visiting us.  Here he is on the ground loving this tree stump.  This was taken from inside the house.  He's huge.

Simon came over to Grandma's for a quick visit with Jojo.
Awww....they are all posing together.
Made a trip to the Farmer's Market.  I bought zinnia's  I have them all over the house in white vases.  Love them!
OK, one more of JoJo...we won't be seeing her for a few months.

Off to Allegan Sunday for their Antique Market.  Hope to find something fun for the camper.  Enjoy your day.


  1. Lovely Sunday afternoon stroll through your post. The woodpecker looks huge even from here. I’ve never seen a feeder hung that low. Learn something new every day. The zinnia's are awesome. That is the way I like to spread them around too. They are showy enough on their own. Your family photo’s are a beautiful reminder of all that is special.

    What are you looking for to complete Lila Jane? You made me laugh when you posted deer hunters would have special instructions before entering. I wouldn’t even think of letting them pulling out with those gorgeous curtains. We recently replaced our storm damaged 1976 Dodge Travco with a 1987 Ford RV. The Ford is a lot smaller. Downsizing has become the “D” word this week. Both campsites on your trips of the second and the tenth look inviting. All it takes is a table and a fire pit to feel far away even in your own backyard.

    Enjoy your shopping trip.

  2. Make sure there isn't any cedar on your house or the Woodpeckers will be visiting!

    Zinnias are so brilliant in color . . . I love them.

    Cute piocture of JoJo, Maggie and Simon!