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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


 Oh what fun!
Now that the temperatures are cooler, its so wonderful being outside.  Gentle breezes, pleasant sunshine, and the smell of autumn in the air.  It's time to get our mojo on and getting crackin' on some of the household projects.
House washing out of the cleaned.

Need I say, the weeds won!  Totally out
 of control.  Time to declare war!

The Potting Bench.  My dad made this.  After he died, we were cleaning out the basement and Mom asked me if I wanted this.  Absolutely.  I painted it firecracker red!  Why on earth?

This morning it received a makeover...white.  I might "Chip" it up a bit. It's going to be more functional and not piled high with stuff....wait to see the end result soon.

The few things left to do yet this week  are:
Maggie and Don volunteered to power wash this swing.  It is so nasty. We'll see if they come through for me.

I really want to have it cleaned then I'd love to make a seat cushion for it.  How charming would that be?

The Dinner Bell.  This is moldy and needs to be repainted....bad.  This bell was in my parents backyard.  It rang every night at dinner time and at dark when it was time for us kids to come home.  One day I stopped by my parents and it was sitting in the garage.  I asked "what's with the bell"...they replied it was in the Chronicle Freebies and they were waiting for someone to come over and look at it!  I about can't sell's a family heirloom.  I left with the bell in my car trunk and it now resides at our house.

Time to go get the paint off  my hands and arms.  Must run to Meijers to get some sweet corn.  It is so delicious!  We're going to have a little happy hour with Maggie and Don and grill out!  Perfecto!

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  1. You are so fun. Love this post.
    I like the two taupe colors. I might copy! Smile