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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Off to College

I remember when Leah was just a little of her favorite birthdays when she was oh so little was one of these.
Now this little one is all grown up and off to college she goes.
You would think I was her mother.  I cried when she left, I worry terribly about her safety, her choices, her well being.  Will she meet the right group of kids, will she "find" her way?  Is she safe in the house she's living in? My goodness.

I know it will all work out for her.  Leah is smart, she is independent, and she is determined.

I pray that the good Lord will watch over her.  I pray that she will make good choices, make good decisions, do the right yet have fun along the way.  Oh, how difficult it is to let go ........

Good luck, Leah.  Know that you are always safe with me if ever you need a thing! 
I love you - Aunt Barb

1 comment:

  1. An alll grown up gal and an itsy bity one and both in other cities.
    Oh my, what to do?

    Maybe one will be here (home) for the weekend?

    Special thoughts and prayers, I hope she reads it too!