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Thursday, August 11, 2011


I've been on a kick where I wanted to pick blueberries this season rather than buy them.  As kids, both Richard and I picked berries.  My parents sent us out to the fields.  I think we got like seven cents a pound for picking.  They would punch our card and at the end of the week, we received our pay.

We headed out to a blueberry field not too far from home.
The young man told us today was the last day for picking!  That was a surprise.  He said the berries are about done at their field.  The berries were scattered so we would have to look for them.  Well, the truth is he was correct.
But once we found a good row, we were on it!

It was a gorgeous morning to pick blueberries.  Sunny, breezy, not hot....P E R F E C T!
We ended up with seven pounds!  Pretty good!  Now I have to get busy and make some great things with the berries, though we will get our fill of fresh ones by the handfuls.

  What a great morning it was.  I must say it felt like fall was in the air! 


  1. Hi Barb, What are you gonna make? I can't wait for the recipes, you always have the best ones. YUM! Love, Penny

  2. This looks fun and a perfect way to enjoy the gorgeous day.
    I too want the recipes for your creations!

    I love your new designs. You go girl . . .