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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday Deb!

Friends of ours invited us up north to their cottage in Evart, MI.  They hosted a Hawaiian Luau in honor of Deb Vos'  60th birthday.

What a great party!  Despite the rain on the two hour trip to their cottage, it ended up clearing.

Here's Tim the Pig in the cooker for consumption later on!

I would say there were ample people ready to have one heck of a great time, rain or no rain.

Here we come, after three hours on the river!

Deb and Ron are the first to arrive back!
Richie bringing up the rear!
Ron and Richie bringing a kayak up the hill!

Time to have a nice little dinner, pig and lots of dishes to pass.  Yum!

I'm sure the party went way into the night, many were camping there for the night, but we headed back home.  I just couldn't bring myself to sleeping the night in a tent!  I'm getting to old, I guess.

Happy Birthday, Deb!  We had a great time celebrating with you.

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  1. There was a time when a 60 year old had a quiet dinner at home for their birthday...that's why I love our generation...havin' the time of her life with an adventure birthday!!! Happy Birthday Deb, 60 years young!!! Love, Penny PS...
    Smart move Barb, I'd choose my own comfortable bed over damp ground anyday!