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Monday, August 8, 2011

Penny Does It Again!

 My blogging friend, Penny, from Illinois is such a dear person.  The other day, a package arrived in the mail for me!  Surprise!
 Penny made this lovely crochet-edged pillowcase for me.  I find all these ideas for her online and send them to her and she creates them.....and sends me her first!  How wonderful is that?
And this lovely handkerchief of my State, she found recently while thrifting.  It is so pretty...I think it will nice framed!

It's my intention to make a trip to Chicago soon.   I'd love for Penny to teach me how to crochet.  She does such a beautiful job.  I have tried so many times and have not yet been successful.  I'm thinking she could do the trick, sitting right by my side.  Oh, I could also get a visit in with Joslyn while I'm there.!
Thanks again, Penny!


  1. What a friend Barbie!

    I think the hankie might be cool as a pillow front too . . .

  2. Dear Barb, If I hear that phrase it's usually 'cause I've done something wrong! ;-) As in, Oh Oh, Penny's done it again! It's so easy to be kind to my best blogging friend...and you have an open invitation...if I can pry you away from beautiful Joslyn! Thanks for such a sweet post! Love, Penny