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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Week in Review

Wow, it turned out to be very social and very busy.  Let's see, I hit three estate sales, lunches with dear friends, coffee with another, shopping with my Mom and outside in the gardens.
A great planter for 75 cents!

These were from a garage sale - there were made in North Carolina.
So excited!  Pots and surprise lantern from IKEA courtesy of Mike and Marlene. Thanks you two!
Estate Sale finds from Montague.
Don't gasp.  It will be cute for the backdoor.  Once cleaned and re-wired.
The front garden de-weeded and barked.  We're getting there! No flowers yet.   
I did manage to get dinner made for the hubbie, some laundry done and some sewing accomplished.  I don't play all the time!

Life is good!

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