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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Leah's Soccer Game

It was such a nice evening, I was able to take in one of Leah's soccer games before the season ends. Shame on me!  I'm not such a great supporter.  Cold weather sports don't quite cut it with me!

The Sailor's played Muskegon Catholic Central Friday night.  They won the game 4-0 (ouch!).  I was trying desperately to get a good shot of Leah but that was next to impossible.  They are always moving.  Right at halftime, the team runs across the field to where the fans are sitting.  I thought....oh here she comes, perfect time for a photo shoot.  Well, they no more ran our way then turned around and off they went.  I hollered to Leah, "I want your picture?"  She turned around with the smirky smile and I snapped.....never imagined I would get a clear shot....I thought for sure it would be blurred as they were running.  It turned out adorable.  That's my girl Number Four.  Go Sailors!

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