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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Walk Around the Yard

We've been working away at the yard for a while now.  It's really starting to take some good shape.  I was looking at the back from a distance yesterday and thought, wow, that really looks pretty good.
Richie moved several shrubs around recently.  He dug out several scrap stuff.  Moved some daylillies.
Yesterday we cleaned out this area and spread some bark amongst the ferns.
And, here is a shot of the cement urn I got for 2 bucks at an estate sale.
You'll find me out in the yard today, weeding and moving!
Richie is off on Spring Run today with about 1,000 other bikes.  It's their first time out for the season....everyone loves revving those engines.

He's BAD to the bone!

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