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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday Leah!

We had the pleasure of celebrating Leah's 18th birthday Tuesday night.  I am in awe at how  fast the years have gone.

I was there, with my sister Maggie, for Leah's birth.  An unbelieveable moment for me.  There she was, that little tiny human being, all purple and not breathing.  And look at her today.  Gorgeous. I've always been her biggest cheerleader.

This birthday teapot was a gift I gave Leah years ago for her birthday.  It is resting on a wind up music box that belongs to my Mom.  It plays Happy Birthday.  Mom used this for all of us kids when we had birthday cakes.

I posted earlier about the Rainbow Cake.  It was a hit.  And was it a tall one.  I had to place wooden skewers in it so it didn't tumble in transit.  I think in all it was probably ten inches tall.  It was delicious too.  I'd definitely make it again.
Here's Maggie with her daughter.  Noise Maker and all.  Getting ready to blow out her 18 candles!
 And, what would a party be without Uncle Richie's enthusiasm?
All Photographs courtesy of Phil Chmura
Happy Birthday Leah darling!  Graduation in a week!  Yikes!
I love you sweetie!
Aunt Barb


  1. Barb, The cake was spectacular, and the colors were perfect. What's your secret? I LOL when I saw Uncle Richie's expression, priceless! Happy Birthday Leah, may all your birthday dreams come true! Love, Penny

  2. Loved seeing the birthday gal with her Auntie!

    The cake is fabulous, guess I should say, WAS???

    You are a risk taker and I am happy to have you in my life to "take some risks."
    Love, Lynne