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Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Challenge for the Week

Our adorable Leah Barbara, my niece, is having a birthday this week.  Generally, I make her birthday cake every year.  She always has a special request, beginning back when she was little, and I had a Barbie cake made for her.  It was so cute....the kind that had a doll in the middle and the skirt was all ruffled with frosting.
That little girl will be 18 this week.  No more Barbie cakes.

This year her request is this rainbow cake.
Pinks and
I must admit it is cute.  I've seen another one similar but it's all done in graduating pink tones.
Wish me luck.  I believe we will be serving it up on Tuesday as she has soccer games, work, etc. and is unable to celebrate on her actual day, which is Thursday.

I'll take pictures and we can compare this one to mine!
Have a good week.


  1. OMG...Pink Loves Brown made this for her daughter. You'll do great! Can't wait to see:)

  2. Wow Barb, This reminds me of a jello mold my Mom made once, only once, it was so much work. You'll be baking all day! You really are a wonderful Aunt! Happy baking! Love, Penny