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Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Five

I'm trying to get a bit more creative with my blog. As you may have noticed, I began creating a Wordless Wednesday. Wordless Wednesday is just a great photo I have come across that strikes me and want to share with all of you. Some may be my own, others from Tumblr, or who knows where. I will always give credit for photos used.

Today, Friday Five. A lot of blogs do a Friday thing. Like five random thoughts, five things you may not know about me, etc. etc. I am attempting to present five accomplishments or discoveries over the past week. So here goes: the first installment.

One. I accomplished actually cooking some meals. The domestic goddess returns! I made a pot of soup, a meatloaf dinner, a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and some mac n' cheese orzo. My poor mother hasn't had any homemade goodness for a while so I am committed to starting that up again now that fall is right around the corner.

Two. Oh my goodness, I always think about purging stuff but never get very far. I actually went through all of my desk drawers and cleaned out every single file, every single drawer. Do I ever have a pile of trash. Better than that, I created new files and alphabetized them. I have room in my drawers and can actually find things now.

Three. I cleaned out the refrigerator. Wiped it all out. No more gross, moldy stuff way in the back.

Four. I sold three things on ebay this week and a couple on craigslist! Getting rid of perfectly good items that someone else would love....Pottery Barn duvet and shams, vintage chenille bedspread, vintage apron, designer scaves and buttons.

Five. Froze fresh corn. As you may have read, I made the best corn chowder this week. It was so good that I bought a dozen and a half ears of corn. I blanched it and cut it off the cob and packaged it in freezer bags. I have six bags ready for six batches of soup this winter. Can you believe corn was $5 a dozen at the farmers market yesterday. Today we went north a ways to get apples yet but he had the fresh corn and it was only $2 dozen!

Have a great holiday weekend. Do something fun to wrap up your summer. We are....I'll share more tomorrow.


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  1. I really like your "new look" and your Friday Five accomplishments. I can't believe what you made happen in five days. A happy thought to think about positives . . .

    Like the BABS . . .