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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's Starting

Spring is in the air....sorta!  I finally saw my first robin yesterday.  The snow is near gone in our yard.  Still some remains in the back wooded/shaded area.  The temperatures are going to be in the high 40's the rest of the week and into next.  That's big for us!

I put the Easter decorations away.  It looks slightly bear.  No holidays in sight!  That's OK with me.
I went to the local store today and picked up a few pansies and re-potted them.
Just a little spring happening here inside.

I got somewhat motivated today - the sun was shining bright - so I decided to dig into the kitchen a bit.
I decided to re-arrange a bit.  I just have got to throw things out and get organized.  I know you have heard this before but it HAS TO HAPPEN.  Thus, I went through nine cupboards and four drawers today.  That's progress for me.  Got a big Goodwill box filling up with more to go.

Tomorrow will be a new day and have set a goal to get a few more cupboards done.  Baby steps each day.
It will feel good when it's all done then onto another room.  Time to part with lots of stuff.  Hopefully I can report on more progress soon!

Hope you have a little spring in your step these days!


  1. Good luck - it feels great to clean out and donate :-)

  2. Funny what a bit of sun and teeny, tiny warmth will do . . . great cupboard cleaning news!

  3. I love getting rid of stuff. I've been ruthless lately much to the delight of friends and family who like to snap up my discarded items.

  4. Ah, with the renewal of spring comes the surge of energy in our homes, too! Doesn't it feel good to be cleaning stuff out and donating?