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Friday, August 9, 2013


Another week has gone by. Sorry for my lack of posts. I just am trying to get my mojo back...what can I say.

A few random things:

*Found a nice blog, The Vanilla Bean Blog, she has some nice baking recipes. I tried her blueberry muffin recipe and they were quite nice. She formerly baked for a coffeehouse!


I'm trying out a new app, BLOGSY, for posting from my iPad. Pardon my mistakes or weirdness until I learn what I am doing.

We are headed for another camping excursion next week. We will be seeing Josh Groban in concert! very excited.

The weather here is PERFECT! temperatures range between 75 and 79 for the next week. Perfect days for anything.


A few new things for Lila Jane..... My $2.00 find at an estate sale....


Laurie, from Heaven's Walk, made it!

Just been a kind of lazy, slow week. That's OK by me. I needed it. Starting to think about our winter Florida vacation. I think it will be a month this year. Now if we can find a place that will rent for just a month! Anyone know of anything, please let me know!

Well, I'm going to push the publish button here. We'll see how Blogsy works. Pardon the errosrs!

Have a delightful weekend.


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  1. Looks good Barbie. Where did you find the app . . . I could only find one for Word Press. Did you make that bouquet? Gorgeous!