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Saturday, August 10, 2013

TableTop Flame Pots

Have you seen these?

You can't see the flame in this photo but it's there. Too much light. This tabletop globe takes a sterno warmer. It is so pretty in the dark. I really nice flame flickers about. The sterno lasts about two hours.

I found this at Lowe's. Many other places carry them but they take tiki light oil .

On another note, just to make you smile.....

Our little Cooper!

Til next time!




  1. Nice flame pot! Love that Cooper , , , Sleek!

  2. I love family always had sausage dogs....although one did get eaten in the jungle when we lived in Africa...

  3. How pretty your tabletop looks, Barb. I just noticed your new sign-off logo~ very nice!