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Monday, August 6, 2012

Blueberry Pickin'

Richie and I went pickin' today.  It was a gorgeous day.  Sunny, light breeze, low 80's.  Perfect day for our annual blueberry pick.

The blueberries aren't real big this year due to early spring and frost issues.  But they are real sweet.
Yours truly among the bushes.
My husband.....eating more than he's pickin?
Here's our take....7.5 pounds.  Think blueberry pancakes and blueberry buckle for sure.  Most likely some muffins and lots in the freezer.

I won't be blogging the polls all day (6am to 9pm)....fulfilling my important role as Election Inspector!


  1. When our children were young we always took them to a U-Pick farm. On the way out they weighed our pick but never the girls. Their first clue should have been the stains on their clothes and happy blue faces. Wonderful pictures, as always. You brought happy memories, Barb. Kudos to you for stepping up to an important job in community service. Have fun!!

  2. How about some blueberry scones too . . . You are right, the berries are smaller, but very sweet!

    Looks like a fun day for you two!

  3. my dear husband tells the story of eating way too many blueberries at the height of the season, then coming home to a glass of grape juice. then getting sick to his stomach. to this day he's oh so careful about the amount of blueberries (and grape juice) he ingests. hehe.

    nice haul of berries!!!