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Monday, August 5, 2013

Great Weekend, Great Memories

What a fun weekend it was.  Lots going on and oh my, I think my age is showing a tad.  Just can't hang in there like I did 20 years ago!

The kids arrived on Thursday and we had fun just hanging out.  They went to Grand Haven to the Coast Guard Festival to check things out.  Then back here for pizza and they sat around the campfire catching up until late that night.
Shooting a little pool at the Old Homestead at lunch

Sarah and Tucker
Friday was a busy day, getting ready for Jacob's graduation open house.  My sister Maggie and I did all the food so we were extremely busy getting things ready for five o'clock.  It was rainy and gloomy out most of the day.  Thank God the sun came out and it was perfect for the open house.
With kids sleeping everywhere, I tripped over a few on the living room floor as we headed out to do some decorating of the reception hall.  Then we were off to the wedding.

Let me tell you, it was the most beautiful day for a wedding.  Sunny, about 73 degrees and a lovely setting.
My darling Jessica

Our little Jojo
The ceremony was touching and beautiful.  Then onward to the reception.
Family, dancing, togetherness and celebrating a wonderful union of Jessie and Cory. 
Sunday - kids back home to Florida and then we rested a tad and off to a family reunion.

I had such a pleasant surprise.  My very best friend from high school was there!  We did a little catching up.  She is in town for a week so hoping we can meet for a few hours to continue on chatting.
Betty Lou Langlois
What a great weekend.  We so missed my brother and Marlene.  They weren't able to attend due to some health issues with his eyes.  We sent pictures all night long to them.  Hope they know we were feeling the void and knew they were with us in spirit.

This is not a complete family photo but you get the just.........we are tight as tight~
And just a few other favorites

Steps slow dancing?
JoJo's mama and me
Now....time to get my house back in order and sneak in an afternoon nap!


  1. Congratulations to you all, Barb. These photographs are all lovely. My, my Jojo is growing up. She is precious. I loved the picture of you and her mom.

  2. Perfect pictorial to catch the events and the love and genuine regard that exists in your family!
    I enjoy viewing it all from the sidelines . . . rest up now, for the 'glamping' coming up very soon!

  3. Hi Barb, What a wonderful celebration! JoJo looks like a princess, and you looked lovely too. Nothing better than getting he family together! Nap time sounds like a great idea...Love, Penny