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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Interlochen Performing Art Center

I mentioned a few times we headed up to Interlochen with the camper for the Josh Groban concert. I rode my bike across the street from the campground to the music campus, the day of the concert. I was on the hunt to see my guy in person....wandering. The picture above is the main mall area. Isn't it lovely.

Ottawa Indians once lived in the pine forest between lakes Wahbekaness and Wahbekanetta. In the late 1800s white men came and cut the pines, leaving only a small forest between the lakes. This virgin pine was purchased in 1917 by the state and became part of one of the first state parks. When the lumber era ended, the Wylie Cooperage mill occupied the Indian village site, making barrels until the hardwood ran out. Willis Pennington's summer hotel, opened in 1909, was popular with fishermen until automobiles and better roads drew them elsewhere. Then in 1918, Camp Interlochen, one of Michigan's first girls' recreation camps, was opened, followed in 1922 by Camp Penn Loch for boys. In 1928, by arrangement with Willis Pennington, Joseph E. Maddy and Thaddeus P. Giddings established the National High School Orchestra Camp. It grew rapidly in scope, size, and reputation, becoming the National Music Camp in 1931, and affiliating with the University of Michigan in 1942. Interlochen Arts Academy was chartered in 1960 to provide year-round training in the creative arts.

The Library with an ampitheater. The signature copper bear hangs out on the campus and so does....oh my!

Yup, the man....Josh Groban!
The campus is on Green Lake. This is a view from the student cabins/housing.


This is the Kresege Auditorium where the concert was held. It's unique. It's a covered structure however in the photo below you can see the sides are open air. I tried to capture the lake off to the side. You can see the trees slightly.

It was so awesome listening to his beautiful, powerful voice, the Traverse City Symphony was accompanying him, and then too look out and see the sun setting over the lake through the trees. Oh my gosh, it was so awesome.

I went up by the stage to snap this and some woman stuck her head right in front of me!

His final goodnight!

The next day, we drove into Traverse City. Shopped downtown and then headed out to Old Mission Penninsula. So pretty. We stopped and bought a few quarts of sour's like the end of the season. Several roadside stands along the route. You know how I love those.


My blogging friend Kim suggested we dine here. Thanks Kim...very, very good suggestion.

And who would think...but along the route we also witnessed the Catholic church being moved.

We had a great time. The weather was very in cold! We sat outside last night for a bit. A young couple set up a tent next to our lot. They were young ones...19 years old. She was so darn sweet. I bet we chatted for over an hour. Never did get her name but she was a bright, ambitious young lady. I was old enough to be her...well grandmother maybe. She said her other was 43! She really renewed my faith in the younger generation. She really made me SMILE! Nice gal, I wish her well!

I have to be honest, as in I cannot tell a lie. I did not see Josh at the bear. That picture was taken from his Facebook page. I did, however really see the bear!



  1. Oh Barbie . . . it looks wonderful . . . happy you enjoyed your mini trip even if it was a bit chilly! (You had me . . . I thought, lucky gal that Barbie!)

  2. That must have been a great concert and I love Traverse City :-)

  3. Wow, sure looks like an amazing venue. I can imagine it was really romantic. You've had an exciting summer so far really had me believing Josh was smiling at you dear friend!
    Have a great weekend. Love, Penny