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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday is Our Day!

Lynne and I usually get together on Tuesday.  Usually for coffee and conversation, but sometimes we do something out of the ordinary.

Today, it was a visit again to the Christmas Tree Farm.  We picked up some boughs for decorating, I purchased some pots for greens and we drove through the Christmas tree fields.

The Greeter!

Trees ready to purchase

Cut your own!

Time for a little lunch.  Lynne has commented on this little restaurant in Whitehall.  I now call it the Hidden Gem.  Everything looked so delicious.
Tuscan Veggie Panini

Cobb Salad

Bread Sticks with Parmesean, Garlic and Marinara Dipping Sauce

And of course, a little Pinot Gregio
Bringing in the holidays with a little bit of cheer! Why not!
How we cherish our Tuesdays!


  1. Hey you are Pino Grigio I know what to serve you if you come and visit.

    Love the sofa made from straw bales.

  2. What a nice and easy day . . . loved the drive through the trees . . . great gnarled pinot hand . . . happy we shared the hidden gem together . . .

  3. There may not be another chance in the next few days to stop by . . . You are counted in my list of gratitude's on Thursday . . .Happy Thanksgiving weekend.